Additional changes to mask requirements in hospital and community settings

In response to the continued increase in COVID-19 infections and the most recent advice from the Chief Health Officer, additional steps are required to keep our employees and patients safe as we head into a weekend.

Effective 11am, Friday 18 November 2022, N95 masks will be required for:

  • all employees in clinical care/patient-facing areas; and
  • all visitors entering the health service.

Mask requirements for employees in non-clinical areas

Surgical masks are required in public spaces, non-clinical areas and shared work areas.

Non-clinical areas include shared corridors, retail, café, dining areas, and shared office spaces.

Mask requirements in clinical/patient-facing areas

  • For employees: 
    • N95 masks plus standard precautions are required when caring for non-COVID/non-SCOVID and non-ED patients.
    • N95 plus standard precautions are required when caring for COVID/SCOVID patients.
    • N95 plus standard precautions are required when caring for Emergency Department patients.
  • For visitors: 
    • N95 masks are required when entering the health service.
  • For patients:
    • Patients should wear surgical masks or N95 masks when leaving their rooms.

Patient-facing areas include patient waiting rooms, outpatient clinics, patient in-person group therapies, in-patient areas and emergency departments.

Further detail about which PPE to use in different working situations is outlined in our PPE Compulsory Standards.

As outlined in yesterday’s CE Alert, there are no changes to our other operational practices, such as face-to-face meetings, training or working from home.

Patients and visitors will continue to be screened at visitor entrances to all our hospital and community sites. N95 masks will be provided to patients and visitors at our front entrances.

Thank you for helping keep our patients and your colleagues safe.

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