Exceptional feedback for Allambee after spot-check assessment

Last week, Allambee Nursing Home underwent a site audit performance review and is expected to pass with flying colours.

Taking place over three days, three assessors reviewed the 35-bed facility to ensure we are maintaining our quality of care and service provisions, as measured by the Commonwealth Aged Care Quality Standards.

The residents, and the care they want to receive, are at the centre of the assessment process. Assessors conduct a thorough document review, which is then validated through employee, resident and family interviews.

Based on feedback provided by assessors at the exit interview, not only do we expect to be compliant with all 42 requirements, but according to Deputy Chief Operating Officer Aged Care and Rehabilitation, Andrew Perta, we received “very positive feedback, building on the great work all our aged care facilities do” and credits the exceptional Allambee team.

Official results from the assessment are expected to be released in four weeks.

What is a “spot-check” assessment?

Assessors arrive unannounced for Aged Care assessments, otherwise referred to as a “spot-check”, meaning that the responsible teams need to be assessment-ready at all times.

Following our successful organisation-wide Accreditation assessment earlier this year, all Monash Health sites will undergo the new model of spot-check assessments going forward, not just our Aged Care facilities. This will mean that all sites will need to be Accreditation-ready at all times.

Speaking at this week’s Employee Forum, Jill Jukes, General Manager, Residential Aged Care, gave some handy tips on being Accreditation-ready.

The Allambee team has a suite of audit tools, and Facility Managers are responsible for completing monthly accreditation governance documentation so that they are easily accessible by all employees when assessors arrive.

“We need to have documentation on hand…within twenty minutes of the assessors’ arrival,” she said.

Facility Managers also work closely with their Quality Partners, who provide mentoring, resources and expertise to assist them to lead teams in continually meeting standards.

We congratulate the team at Allambee on their successful assessment, and hold them as a shining example of remaining assessment-ready at all times.


Approved by Andrew Perta

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