Check out the Hub’s Highest Performers of 2022

Jump on the Hub this month and enjoy some of the highest-performing modules of 2022.  

The Healthy Body and Mind Hub is a fitness and wellbeing resource available to all Monash Health employees. All year the Hub has been filled with webinars, podcasts, and fun fitness challenges. This December, check out some of the best modules of 2022. 

Here’s what you can expect 

  • Explore how you can rewire your thinking to start living the life you have dreamed of with the ‘Unlock your Potential’ webinar hosted by Samuel Eddy. 
  • Complete the ‘Biological Age Calculator’ quiz to find out how well you’re aging. 
  • Are you looking for the perfect dessert recipes for the festive season? Look no further than this Classic Gingerbread Recipe. The delicious Raw Brownie Recipe covers all bases if you’re baking for people with dietary requirements. 
  • Finish the year off strong with three of the best movement classes from the year, including Tai Chi, Stretching and HIIT. 

All Monash Health employees have free access to the Healthy Body and Mind Hub until February 2023. You can access the Healthy Body and Mind Hub here. 

For further details and to stay informed about the latest initiatives, visit the Be Well Be Safe Program webpage. 

Approved by Michael Holman

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