Baret Role-Based Communication changes for Pathology, Radiology and Medical

From 13 December 2022, Pathology and Radiology across all sites will be using Baret (via Microsoft Teams) instead of Paging for communications about results and investigation requests to medical employees.

Interns, HMOs and Consultants will have roles available in Baret and be asked to clock on for their shifts.

What you need to do

We ask all medical, and involved pathology and radiology employees to ensure that they:

From 13 December, continue to use Baret for:

  • Admission Referrals & Consult Requests: medical to medical
  • Appropriate Result Notifications
  • Imaging Requests Discussions

It will be expected that Registrars continue to, and HMOs and Interns begin ‘clocking’ on for their shifts to their team roles available in Baret. This is so pathology and radiology communications will reach the intended role in a timely and clear manner.

What is Baret?

Baret is a role-based communication solution in Microsoft Teams in the initial phase; used by doctors to communicate with each other and pathology and radiology instead of paging.

Baret is an extension in Microsoft Teams, creating a single platform that enables you to:

  • Know who to contact, every time.
  • Clock on and off roles at the times when you actually work
  • Prioritize, manage, and refer messages easily; and ensure message handover
  • Convert to a call

Baret is not being used for emergency communication, and does not replace necessary phone calls.

You can learn more about Baret: Role-Based communication with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Any questions?

Contact the Baret team via ‘Baret Support’ Role in Baret; or you can email

For personal assistance, find your Unit Baret Champion;

For technical difficulties, log a ticket with TBS online or by calling 03 9594 7255.


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