Don’t fall for the Motivation Myth!

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? Motivation alone might not be enough to get you moving towards your goals. 

January’s edition of the Healthy Body and Mind Hub is filled with tools and techniques to help you build healthy habits to achieve your wellbeing goals for 2023. 

Don’t miss out on ‘The Motivation Myth’ webinar presented by Caroline Anderson, Psychologist and Former Olympian, as she discusses why you can’t rely on motivation alone to take action, and how to approach tasks in all areas of life to achieve long-term success. 

All Monash Health employees have free access to the Healthy Body and Mind Hub until February 2023. You can access the Healthy Body and Mind Hub here. 

For further details and to stay informed about the latest initiatives, visit the Be Well Be Safe Program webpage. 

Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture

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