Update on Enterprise Agreements – Accrual of additional annual leave

Some of the recently approved Enterprise Agreements provide for eligible employees to accrue additional annual leave in certain circumstances.  

Monash Health payroll has now finalised implementation of the following additional annual leave provisions. Where an employee was entitled to accrue additional annual leave under their Enterprise Agreement, payroll have now corrected accruals which will be reflected in the pay periods noted below:  

Health and Allied Services, Managers and Administrative Workers EBA 2021 

Fortnight ending 

  •          N pay run – 26 February 2023
  •          H pay run – 5 March 2023 

Nurses and Midwives EBA 2020 and Mental Health EBA 2020 (RPNs, PENs and MHOs only)  

Fortnight ending 

  •          H pay run – 5 March 2023
  •          N pay run – 12 March 2023

 Additional annual leave will now accrue progressively as employees meet the requirements under their respective Enterprise Agreements, as summarised below: 

Enterprise Agreement   Effective date   Entitlement   
Nurses and Midwives EA 2020 


Mental Health EBA 2020 (RPNs, PENs and MHOs only) 

1 July 2022  Full-time employees as at 30 June 2022 – no change to entitlements. Accrual rate is half a day for each month worked as a weekend worker, up to a maximum of 38 hours per annum.  


From 1 July 2022, new full-time employees and existing part-time employees will be entitled to accrue the additional annual leave on a pro rata basis where they work ordinary hours on weekends.  


For full-time employees, the accrual rate is 3.8 hours for each weekend worked up to a maximum of 38 hours, pro-rata for part-time employees. 

Health and Allied EBA 2021  20 April 2022  All full-time and part-time employees are entitled to an additional week’s annual leave where they work more than four ordinary hours on 10 weekends per annum.  


Where a full-time or part-time employee does not meet the 10 weekend threshold, they will accrue additional annual leave at the rate of one tenth of a week (pro rata for part time employees) for each weekend worked, up to a maximum of one week per year.   

 These changes will occur automatically, and you are not required to take any action.  

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please contact hradvice@monashhealth.org 


Approved by Chris McLoughlin 

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