Insurance through super – the potential pros and cons – March’s Financial Wellbeing Program

Superannuation is an essential part of the Australian retirement landscape. Most super funds offer some form of insurance coverage as part of their offering, which purportedly provide benefits and peace of mind to their members.

Check out the Financial Wellbeing Program topic for March, Insurance through super – the potential pros and cons, to learn the basics of insurance coverage through super and important points you should consider before deciding on subscribing to a benefit.

To support your learning and understanding, there are complementary online modules to introduce you to concepts about an insurance policy and insurance through super. You can also play the wheel of insurance module to test your knowledge.

Understanding money can be a daunting subject at any stage in life. All our employees have free access to the Financial Wellbeing Program to support your wellbeing and learning.

The program offers bite-sized education modules covering everything from budgeting on payday to securing your future for retirement. Learn at your own pace and optimise your learning by undertaking the modules that best meet your needs.

To discover more topics and modules, visit the direct access link to the Financial Wellbeing program hosted by Money101 here.


This article and the Financial Wellbeing Program by Money101 do not aim to provide personal financial advice. The Program is designed to provide you with financial education to enable you to make better financial decisions.

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