Saying thank you to the COVID-19 Employee Hotline team

Last week, the Employee COVID-19 Hotline team passed on the baton after three years of answering our calls and keeping us safe. The Respiratory Protection Team will be answering calls to the hotline going forward. 

Mel Watson, COVID-19 Employee Hotline and Projects Manager, highlighted the huge effort the team has put in during the pandemic. 

“The journey has been both a rollercoaster and a privilege,” says Mel. “Starting in March 2020, the COVID-19 Hotline team supported our people, their families, and the whole organisation. They answered 60,000 calls, supported 10,300 positive employees and 10,400 primary close contacts.” 

From July 2021 to July 2022 the hotline averaged 100 calls per day, and over 300 calls per day during the peak period of January 2022. 

The team has had over seventy RNs, four administration employees and one radiographer answering phones to provide guidance and support to positive employees and primary close contacts. Mel says the team have gone above and beyond to provide support. 

“The teamwork and willingness to take on new roles was amazing and we thank all team members for their contribution!” says Mel. 

In addition to providing clear and concise information and guidance on all things COVID-19 related, the team also added personal touch when required by managing accommodation, delivering groceries, dog walking and counselling. 

Professor Rhonda Stuart, Director of Infection Protection and Epidemiology, had glowing words to say about the team. 

“This exceptional team that has been operating since March 2020 to support Monash Health employees through the COVID-19 pandemic, taking thousands of calls, supporting people who tested positive, advising them on PPE and vaccination and much more.” 

Please join us in saying thank you to the COVID-19 Hotline team for their hard work and dedication, and for keeping us safe throughout the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Hotline will continue, managed by the RPP team 08:00 to 16:30hrs, Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). Contact details and processes remain unchanged. 

  • 8572 5610 

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart

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