Fitness Passport is coming!

We have good news – the wait is almost over. From Monday 17 April, you can sign up for a Fitness Passport membership. 

What is Fitness Passport? 

Fitness Passport is a workplace health and fitness program. Members and their families enjoy access to a wide range of gyms, pools and fitness centers as often as they like. 

When can I sign up? 

Since you voted for your favourite facilities in the Fitness Passport survey, the team have been working hard to build a program full of popular gyms, pools and fitness centers. The program is now ready, so between 17 April and 5 May, you can sign up for your Fitness Passport membership. 

How much does it cost per week? 
  Single Member  Family (You, your partner and children under 18 who reside at your address)  Dependent (18-24 year olds who reside at your address) 
Silver  $15.50  $26.95  $15.50 
Gold  $16.50  $28.95  $16.50 
How can I find out more 

Important: If you have a current gym membership, don’t cancel it yet. 

Your Fitness Passport membership will only be activated if we have 1000 people signed up to the program.  

You will be notified of the status of your membership at the end of the sign-up period.  

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