Chemical safety – what you need to know

Monash Health is committed to providing a safe working environment so our people can return home safely and without harm.   

The new OHS Chemical Safety program is launching in April and aims to provide our team with a better understanding of how to manage the risks associated with the use, handling and storage of chemicals in our workplace.  

Why is safe chemical storage important? 

The safe storage, use and handling of all chemicals across our departments and units helps promote a safe workplace, reduces the impact on our environment, and minimises the risk of harm to our people.     


ChemAlert is the chemical management system we use to manage the use of chemicals in a safe and effective manner. The ChemAlert system provides access to a library of Safety Data Sheets, chemical stock management, chemical labels, and risk assessments.  

All Monash Health employees can log in to ChemAlert as an Anonymous User (where access does not require a ‘User Name’ or ‘Password’ and by default, you will have limited access within the ChemAlert system). Employees can access ChemAlert via either the Safety Intranet Homepage or the Clinical Portal. 

Monash Health employees can access the following via ChemAlert: 

  • Searching chemicals on ChemAlert 
  • Accessing Safety Data Sheets and ChemAlert Reports & Labels 
  • Accessing the Regulations Module 

The chemical inventory for each Department/Ward is reviewed and updated by Managers every 12 months. 

Resources and Training 

New resources are available as part of the OHS Chemical Safety program.  

OHS Chemical Procedures 

The updated OHS Working with Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances and OHS Storage and Disposal of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances procedures are available on PROMPT. These procedures provide extensive and comprehensive information regarding the management of hazardous chemicals at Monash Health. 

Chemical Safety Training  

All employees are encouraged to complete Chemical Safety Training if they work with or near chemicals.  

  • Introduction to Chemical Safety provides a basic understanding of different chemicals, safe handling and the effects of chemical contact.  
  • Advanced Chemical Safety Training provides in-depth understanding of the different types of dangerous goods classes, placarding and signage, segregation, emergency measures and chemical waste. 

Managers can enrol in the ChemAlert facilitated training module 

For more information, please contact your local OHS Advisor or the safety team at 9594 6140 or via email 

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