Why we send you quarterly bullying and harassment updates 

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace, free from bullying and harassment, where everyone is treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect.  

Why is quarterly reporting important and why do we do it?  

As part of our commitment, we openly report incidents of bullying, sexual harassment and harassment every quarter. We take this issue seriously and provide deidentified transparency to employees on how we manage bullying and harassment disclosure.  

Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture, says that bullying and harassment is never okay. 

“By classifying the behaviours associated with bullying, harassment and sexual harassment, we hope it encourages those that have experienced or witnessed these types of behaviours to feel confident to come forward and report it.  

“Our people should feel confident when they come to work that it is a safe and welcoming environment.” 

If any of these behaviours are reported, they will be investigated in a confidential and safe manner. 

Reporting and investigation 

Each quarter, we will report on the investigations during that quarter. Ongoing investigations are excluded. 

Previously, we only reported on the number of complaints that were formally investigated. We now report on all complaints made. Where an informal resolution is reached and no formal investigation is required, it will be noted as an informal resolution.  

We use the words ‘substantiated’ or ‘unsubstantiated’ when a formal investigation is conducted. Substantiated means that during the investigation, there is valid evidence to support the allegation, while unsubstantiated means that the claim was not supported or proven.     

If you experience or witness any form of bullying or harassment, we encourage you to disclose this information so we can investigate. 

In the first instance, speak to your manager. You can also: 

  • Contact HR directly on 9265 2724, or email hradvice@monashhealth.org      
  • Call Stopline, the Monash Health integrity hotline on 1300 304 550. Stopline is an independent, third-party organisation to which matters of improper conduct can be reported in a safe, confidential, and protected manner       
  • Get in touch with Chris McLoughlin directly via email or phone  

Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture 

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