Upgrades at Monash Medical Centre

From Monday 22 May, construction will commence to deliver an improved main reception and foyer area at Monash Medical Centre.

The project will deliver new flooring, acoustic panelling, and upgraded lighting to provide a calmer and quieter arrival for patients and visitors at Monash Medical Centre.

Access routes to some parts of the hospital will be temporarily altered while works are undertaken. Some main thoroughfares will be closed off in phases during construction. This will require patients, visitors, and employees to use alternative routes.

Main Reception will maintain normal hours of operation, and a café/eating space will remain available throughout the project.

Posters and handout maps will be available, and guides will be on hand to provide wayfinding support.

“We understand this will cause disruption for patients, visitors, and employees,” said Anna Laird, Director of Capital Projects. “This is short-term pain to deliver a significant long-term gain at the site.”

During the project and while corridors are blocked, employees are encouraged to use levels other than Level 2 to move around the site wherever possible, and to make use of the stairways rather than lifts if possible.

“We want to make sure lifts and Level 2 corridors are as free as possible for our patients and visitors. We also ask that employees take care while moving around the site, particularly on Level 1 where there are frequently trolleys sharing that space.”

Employees are asked to provide support for patients and visitors as they move around the site wherever possible. Visitors will be provided with a map upon entry that guides them along alternate routes, so please provide additional guidance and direction if a visitor seems unsure of their location.

Approved by Dr Rachel Rosler, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Artist's Impression of enhanced Main Entry at Monash Medical Centre. Final design may differ.

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