Telephony upgrade: improving our emergency response and call wait times

On Tuesday 23 May, our telephony system will be moving to Touchpoint, an enhancement that will allow us to more swiftly manage emergency calls made to our 2222 phone line. 

Improving our emergency response times 

Every day, our Contact Centre receives anywhere from 4,000 to 5,000 calls from across our seven major hospitals. This includes around 200 emergency calls to our 2222 number needing our immediate action.  

The telephony upgrade will prioritise emergency calls, ensuring that every 2222 emergency call at Monash Health is answered within 20 seconds. This will allow us to minimise response times, provide critical assistance faster, and create better outcomes for our employees and patients.  

What will change 

While most calls will be unaffected by the upgrade, callers may notice the change during times of high call volumes. 

If while you are on a call, an emergency call comes through and all other lines are busy, the new system will allow the operator to place your call on hold for a moment while they answer the emergency call. This important enhancement ensures that emergency situations are always prioritised and receive immediate attention. Once the emergency call is handled, you will be promptly reconnected to your call, typically within three minutes. 

In our current system, when an emergency call comes through and all lines are occupied, callers are urged to hang up as quickly as possible. This approach can be stressful and does not allow calls to be concluded smoothly, or urgent calls to be answered quickly. Our upgraded telephony system will minimise delays in answering emergency calls while ensuring a better experience for everyone. 

Over time, we expect that the system will improve call waiting times overall. 

What you need to do 

There is nothing you need to do, other than be aware of this change when you call our General, Clinical or Security line from 9.00 pm on Tuesday 23 May. You may be placed on hold for a moment if an emergency call comes through during your call. We thank you in advance for your patience if your call is disrupted while we prioritise any incoming emergency calls.  

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during and following this upgrade, as we work to make Monash Health as safe as possible for our employees and the community. 


Approved by Associate Professor Emilio Pozo, Executive Director, Digital Health

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