Monash Health Takes Action on World No Tobacco Day: Reducing Smoking Rates and Combating Vaping

See Through the Haze campaign image of a woman vaping

Today, on the 31st of May, we observe the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World No Tobacco Day. This significant occasion allows us to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine use. This day also serves as an opportunity to provide guidance and support to those wanting to quit smoking and vaping.  

In line with our commitment to promoting health and well-being, it is important to highlight a new public health campaign initiated this week by Quit, in collaboration with The Department of Health and VicHealth in Victoria, aimed to combat vaping. Geared towards individuals aged 14 to 39, this campaign emphasises the risks of vaping and urges people to “see through the haze.” It also features an online hub for parents, carers, and influential adults to facilitate conversations with young people about vaping. 

This campaign comes as a response to research conducted by the Cancer Council which revealed that many individuals still believe e-cigarettes are harmless and consider the associated risks exaggerated. Contrary to these beliefs many e-cigarette liquids contain over 200 chemicals, some known to cause cancer. 

Furthermore, recent federal reforms have been implemented to address the use of non-prescription e-cigarette products. These reforms include prohibiting the importation of non-prescription e-cigarettes and banning disposable devices. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the effects of vaping, join our upcoming free Understanding Vaping webinar on Tuesday 6 June. Hosted by Monash Health in collaboration with Quit Victoria, the City of Greater Dandenong, the City of Casey, and the Cardinia Shire Council, featuring Co-Founder and Director of Drug Education Australia, Sharon Torpey. Register here. 

Monash Health is fully committed to providing a smoke-free and vape-free environment for all our employees, patients and visitors. In line with our Smoke-free Action Plan 2022-2023, reducing employee smoking rates and supporting those who wish to quit or reduce their smoking habits are critical objectives for us. 

Research indicates that eight out of 10 smokers in Victoria express a desire to quit. To achieve this goal effectively, a comprehensive approach to quitting is essential. For many smokers, a brief intervention from their healthcare professional, combined with pharmacotherapy and behavioural intervention, can significantly increase their chances of successfully quitting and adopting healthier habits. 

At Monash Health, we are implementing several initiatives to reduce smoking and vaping on our premises and provide a supportive model of care for those who smoke or vape. The Corporate Smoke-free Committee has developed a Smoke-free Action Plan with three key objectives: 

  • Create and embed a smoke-free environment 
  • Reduce employee smoking rates 
  • Support patients in their efforts to quit smoking 

Monash Health can support you in your quit journey. Accessing the Quitline (QUIT) is free, please call 13 QUIT or 13 7848 or visit Referrals are not needed; anyone can access Quitline.  

All Monash Health employees have access to the Employee Assist Program (EAP), where an expert consultant can help you to set clear goals for any lifestyle issues, including addictions. Call 1300 687 327. 

Monash Health smoke-free policy documents available on PROMPT: 

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