Flu and COVID-19 vaccination – reduced times and locations

The following vaccination services for employees have now ended:

  • Dedicated stationary and roaming Influenza vaccination at all campuses and sites
  • COVID-19 vaccination at other campuses and sites, except Monash Immunisation Clayton

From this week, COVID-19 vaccination for employees will only be available at Monash Immunisation Clayton.

Co-administering of COVID-19 and Influenza vaccination for employees will continue to be available only at Monash Immunisation, Clayton

For Influenza vaccination only, employees can only do this in the limited staffed times at the Infection Prevention Office, advertised on the Intranet.

We thank the Monash Immunisation and Infection Prevention teams for their hard work in providing convenient vaccination opportunities across the organisation in recent months.

At Monash Health we expect all clinical employees to receive their Influenza vaccine and recommend every employee gets vaccinated, including those working in a non-clinical role. We urge you to get in front of the flu for 2023 now.

You can also access flu vaccination through your local community services such as pharmacies, GPs and more. However, please note that the cost of flu vaccination outside of our employee program will not be covered by Monash Health.

If you have received your Influenza vaccination outside of the employee program or are not participating for whatever reason, you must inform Monash Health by completing the online declaration form. Declaration is mandatory.

Please remember to bring the following items and details to your flu or COVID vaccination:

  • Mobile phone (to scan the digital consent QR code)
  • Monash Health employee ID Number
  • Medicare number or Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHI) number

Managers and leaders with access to the Business Intelligence (BI) Portal, please review the Flu Vaccination – BI Dashboard to check the status of your team members. Encourage those that haven’t yet received their flu vaccination to do so or declare online.

For more information about the employee flu vaccination program at Monash Health, visit our Getting an Influenza (flu) vaccination page via the Employee Vaccination Hub. You will also find the answers to more frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the employee flu vaccinations.

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart, Director, Public Health and Infection Prevention

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