New-and-improved medication safety intranet page: Streamlining access to vital resources

A screenshot of the Medication Safety home page on the Monash Health intranet.

The updated Medication Safety page on the Monash Health intranet, designed to enhance user experience and facilitate easy access to essential information, is now live. You can access the page via the button on the Clinical Portal.

An image showing the Medication Safety button with the words 'Medication Safety' and a graphic of a pill inside a green circle.

Access the Medication Safety page through this button on the Clinical Portal.

The Medication Safety page brings together valuable resources prepared by the Medication Safety and Therapeutics Committee.

You will be able to find:

  • Up-to-date medication safety alerts outlining best practice in particular scenarios (e.g. The 6 Rights of Medication Safety, Critical Medicines, and High-Risk Medicines (PINCH))
  • Guidance regarding the safe storage requirements of high-risk medicines to ensure patient safety
  • Medication Safety Newsletters which report on relevant topics to improving patient safety across the organisation
  • Instructions on how to check that Smart Pumps are utilising the most recent data set, and how to update the data set when required
  • Guidance on reporting a new or suspected adverse drug reaction (ADR)
  • Information on the activities and responsibilities of the National Standard 4 Medication Safety and Therapeutics Committee

Take a look at the new Medication Safety intranet page.

There are also many valuable resources located on the Pharmacy intranet page.

Access the Pharmacy page through this button on the Clinical Portal.

These resources include:

  • The Medication Location Guide which can be used to locate medicines unavailable in your immediate clinical area, outside of normal pharmacy hours
  • Direct links to many medication information references (e.g. Australian Medicines Handbook, Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook, Therapeutic Guidelines)
  • Information on medication formulary management and medicine shortages
  • Medication and health information for patients
  • Dosage calculators, plus many other valuable medication-related resources

Access the Pharmacy intranet page here.

Approved by Sue Kirsa, Director of Pharmacy 

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