Meet Silvana Sgro, People and Culture’s Director of Operations

Meet Silvana Sgro, our new Director of People and Culture Operations. As a key leader in People and Culture, Silvana is responsible for Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition and Business Partner functions. 

“I have loved being here since the minute I walked in,” says Silvana. “I love being able to walk through the same doors as the community we provide services for. I find it really inspiring.” 

Silvana has extensive experience in both the Employee Relations and People and Culture functions and has led corporate service functions in a number of Government services including a period as Director Industrial Relations at the Department of Health and Human Services. 

“Coming to Monash Health has been a great change for me after being in the Department for eight years.” 

Silvana began her career working in public sector unions, and later at the Center for Psychiatric Nursing and the General School of Nursing at the University of Melbourne. “That set off my interest in health and healthcare.” 

“We have such a vast difference of experience and work-type across the organisation,’ Silvana says. “I really enjoy working with people who serve the community, whether that’s frontline or behind the scenes. I’m not a clinical person, but I love being able to support our clinical teams and work with people who do that fantastic work.” 

Silvana is a strategic thinker and leader with a deep understanding of workforce and industrial frameworks combined with a demonstrated practical capability to lead large operational teams.  

She is contributing to the ongoing work on our Workforce Strategy. 

“We’re looking at how we can best support employees with working arrangements across our different workforces. And we’re looking at how we attract people, and retain people, and become an employer of choice so that people continue to want to work here.” 

Please say hello and make Silvana feel welcome! 

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