Join 80.7% of your Colleagues: Vaccinate or Declare for Influenza

Thank you to the 80.7% of employees who have taken action against influenza, this is a fantastic result. At Monash Health we expect 100% of our employees to vaccinate or declare. Join us in the fight against the flu.

Declare for Influenza vaccination

As a Monash Health employee, it is important you inform us of your Influenza vaccination status.

  • If you’ve had your vaccination elsewhere, thank you! Please declare online so we can update the records.
  • If you are not planning on receiving the influenza vaccine, you still need to fill out the online form and let us know you are not participating.

The Influenza Declaration online form takes less than one minute to complete. To use the declaration form, please log in using your Monash Health employee ID number and password (the same one for your Citrix access and Employee Self Service). You can complete the declaration form from anywhere with internet access.

If you have been vaccinated for Influenza by a Monash Health service, your status will be automatically added to your employee record.

Getting your Influenza vaccination with Monash Health

Employees can still access free Influenza vaccination at the Infection Prevention Offices at the times listed here.

Delivering safe, high-quality care is in your hands. Check out the table below and encourage your colleagues and teammates to take action now:


If you are a manager with BI portal access, you must check your team’s status and encourage those not yet vaccinated to get their influenza vaccination or complete the declaration form if they have had the vaccine outside of Monash Health or are not participating.

For more information about the employee flu vaccination program at Monash Health, visit our Getting an Influenza (flu) vaccination page via the Employee Vaccination Hub. You will also find the answers to more frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the employee flu vaccinations.

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart, Director, Public Health and Infection Prevention

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