146 new faces – welcome to our Nursing and Midwifery graduates commencing today!

Starting today, you might see one of the 146 new faces starting at Monash Health in graduate roles in Nursing and Midwifery, across multiple Monash Health campuses.

The 125 nurse graduates, 14 mental health nurse graduates and 7 graduates in midwifery and the nursing and midwifery double degree will be joining the 653 graduate nurses and 64 graduate midwives currently at Monash Health.

With already a record-breaking intake of graduates at the start of this year, Monash Health is proving to be a preferred employer for nurses and midwives starting out in their careers. Adjunct Professor Katrina Nankervis, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Executive Director, Nursing and Midwifery shared her pride in the successful Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Program at Monash Health.

“Monash Health has the largest graduate program in the state and is able to offer a comprehensive and diverse range of experiences for those commencing their careers.”

The demand for Monash Health’s graduate programs for nursing and midwifery has also hit an all-time high, with 1450 applications received for the 2024 Graduate Programs recently. The occasion marks the most applications received ever for any graduate intake at Monash Health, on the back of a dedicated domestic and international recruitment strategy.

However, the success of the graduate programs is also supported by our award-winning programs for Registered Undergraduate Students of Nursing (RUSON) and Registered Undergraduate Students of Midwifery (RUSOM). The establishment of the RUSON/M roles at Monash Health created an opportunity for student nurses and midwives to gain work experience during their tertiary studies and be valuable members of our workforce. The impact of the RUSOM/N role has been a clear link to future employment at Monash Health, with 33% of the commencing Nursing and Midwifery graduates previously serving as a RUSON/M.

For graduates feeling nervous about starting their clinical careers in a large organisation like Monash Health, Katrina kindly shares these words of encouragement.

“Our size provides huge diversity and opportunity. Yet every one of our graduates has an individualised experience. There is a lot of support and you’ll work closely with clinical support teams, educators and the graduate management team.”

To our commencing graduates, welcome to Monash Health! And to the 414 of 2023 graduates starting their second rotation this month, congratulations!

We are delighted you are taking the next steps in your professional clinical careers, and we’re here to help and smooth the transition path as much as possible.

We encourage all Monash Health employees and volunteers to act with kindness and patience towards our new starters and remember what it was like in your first days and weeks.


Approved by Professor Katrina Nankervis, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Executive Director, Nursing and Midwifery

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