Used a device? Keep it nice!

We get it – cleaning isn’t at the top of anyone’s ‘fun things to do’ list, but regularly cleaning equipment and devices is vital to reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

Everyone is responsible for the basic infection prevention principles that help protect your patients, colleagues, family and yourself.

That means practising good hand hygiene and regularly cleaning your equipment and devices.

This includes devices used for documenting patient information, such as WOWs, laptops and tablets; items in each patient’s room like the TV/Nurse Call remote; personal and shared devices, such as pagers and phones; and office and hot desk devices, such as computers and desk phones.

A helpful factsheet for cleaning your electronic devices is available to download and steps you through how and when you should clean them:

Templates for daily and weekly cleaning schedules are also available for you to record your WOW cleaning.

For more information, read through our Clinical Equipment Cleaning Procedure on PROMPT.

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart, Director, Public Health and Infection Prevention 

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