Communicating for Life – Speech Pathology Week 2023

This week is Speech Pathology Week (20 – 26 August) where we highlight the vital role speech pathologists play in supporting quality of life across the lifespan.

At Monash Health, we boast a team of over 120 professionals in speech pathology, across acute hospital-based care, sub-acute hospital-based care, care in the community, mental health and children’s.

In our community, the work of our speech pathologists is helping improve the quality of life for Mrs B, a refugee from Afghanistan. Mrs B attends community rehabilitation following a stroke that caused a severe language impairment, impacting her understanding and ability to express herself.

Mrs B’s main goal is to say her children’s and grandchildren’s names and talk about her life and daily activities with her family and caregivers.

She has made significant improvements with the help of our speech pathologists. With the use of her ‘About Me’ book, designed to allow family members, friends and staff members to interact with people who have difficulty communicating, Mrs B is able to name her family members and communicate about her history and daily life with her family.

Mrs B is very excited about her progress and enjoys her discussions with the broader allied health team in exercise sessions.

This is just one example of the wonderful outcomes our speech pathologists help our patients achieve. We thank all our speech pathologists who provide outstanding care to our community every day.

If you’d like to know more about our speech pathology team’s work and careers in speech pathology, visit the new careers page.

Image: Saffrey, speech pathologist working in adult community rehabilitation.

Approved by Kathryn Potter, Head of Speech Pathology and Dani Ryan, Chief Allied Health Officer

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