Move Over October: steps and reps for Monash Children’s Hospital

This October, challenge yourself, your colleagues and friends to ‘Move Over October’. You’ll be active, supporting our Monash Children’s Hospital and could be in the running to win some great prizes as well.

Signing up is free and easy. Simply head to Move Over October, register, set a goal and get active!

You can join as an individual or as a team – your ward could compete against another or create smaller teams within a ward or department to see who will have bragging rights this year.

Once registered, you can track your activity online. Whether it be walking, cycling, yoga, weightlifting, swimming, circuits… anything that challenges you physically that you just love to do.

You can choose to take on the challenge for the whole month or over a particular week. You can even track your steps throughout the day – so you can include steps walked at work.

The Monash Health Foundation team are available to support and answer any questions or provide printed posters and/or a leaderboard to display and track your team’s progress.

Simply email or head over to the Move Over October website.


Approved by Paul Butler, Interim Executive Director, Office of Chief Executive

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