Baret Support for Overnight Workers


Baret is now in use across Monash Health for all overnight clinical workers and while our special support period has ended, help is still available!

How to get help with Baret

For non-urgent issues, such as requests for roles, please log a ticket with Baret using Service Central.​

For urgent Baret or Teams issues overnight, please contact your site NCO and call IT.​

How to get the most out of Baret

  • If you want to know more about how to use Baret, you can:​
  • Complete Baret training on Latte and find out more at the Baret Knowledge Hub (available through the DHTA icon on the desktop)
  • Talk to your colleagues for tips and advice

For any further questions, contact the team at, or log a ticket in Central.

Approved by Mark Gravel, Director – Technology Business Services

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