Look after your health and wellbeing – check your workstation is set up correctly

Do you have a sore neck, back or shoulder pain, or wrist/hand pain after periods of working at your desk?  

To support safe working and minimise your risk of injury, it is important to check your work set-up every time you are at a new workstation. If you are working at the same desk, it is recommended that you complete periodic checks to maintain a safe working environment. Office ergonomics is about arranging your work environment to be more comfortable and to reduce fatigue and strain.  

Taking a few minutes at the start of the workday to evaluate your workstation can reduce strain and improve how you feel at the end of your day.  

Correct ergonomic set-up will help identify risk factors in office workstation design contributing to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and work-related injuries. Activities to consider include adjusting your chair and workstation to achieve the best posture, setting up your computer workstation and desk, adjusting your monitor, keyboard and mouse setup, and considering lighting.  

Resources are available to help you check your workspace. 

If you identify an ergonomic issue with a workspace during your assessment, please report it to your Workplace Manager. Your manager will work with you, in consultation, to review and identify appropriate controls to eliminate or reduce any hazards. 

Remember, it is important to change posture, do simple stretching exercises throughout your day and take frequent rest, posture and visual breaks. 

If you are experiencing any new pain or injury related to your workstation, complete an incident notification in RiskMan and inform your Workplace Manager.  

If you require further assistance, please contact the OHS Advisory Line on 9594 6140 or safety@monashhealth.org 

Approved by: Chris McLoughlin 


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