How do I make the workplace gym part of my daily routine?

It can be hard to fit a workout into the workday. 

But with Healthwise Fitness located at Monash Medical Centre, there are plenty of options to make your workout work for you. 

Here are our top tips to seamlessly incorporate a daily dose of fitness into your schedule. 

Plan your exercise in advance.

By choosing the time you’ll go to the gym, you can plan better for the day. If you’re going to exercise before your shift, you may want to wear your gym clothes during your commute. Just don’t forget to pack your scrubs to change into afterwards! 

Along with your work clothes, you’ll also want to pack any toiletries and accessories you’ll need. Healthwise Fitness has showers, and you can rent bath towels from gym staff at reception for $1 and hand towels for $0.50. 

You may prefer to use your lunch break to fit in a quick cardio session, strength training, or a group exercise class. Exercise can help boost your energy levels and enhance your overall wellbeing throughout the day. 

Start small and build the habit. 

When beginning a new exercise routine, you’ll want to begin with manageable steps. That means ensuring your exercise doesn’t leave you so sore that you can’t complete the rest of your day. 

The friendly team at Healthwise Fitness are here to help. Talk to the team at reception or shoot them an email and ask about a ‘Gym Program Recharge’. They can make sure you’re comfortable with all the equipment, and know what exercises to perform to reach your health and wellbeing goals. 

Incorporate active breaks and stretching. 

Even if you can’t make it to the gym during the workday, incorporate physical activity into your routine. Take active breaks by walking around the office or ward, doing stretches, or engaging in desk exercises.  

Incorporating mobility exercises and stretching can help alleviate muscle tension and maintain flexibility. 

How do I get started? 

Now is the perfect time to chase your wellbeing goals with Healthwise Fitness. They are currently running a 6 Week Spring Special that includes a Personalised Exercise Program, Pilates Reformer Classes, 24 hour access to the gym, and more! 

Healthwise Fitness casual passes and memberships are available to Monash Health employees, contractors and students. Affiliates of Monash Health and Hudson Institute Employees can also utilise casual passes and memberships for Healthwise Fitness. 

Monash Health employees signed up for Fitness Passport can visit Healthwise Fitness. For employees wishing to make the most of Fitness Passport at Healthwise Fitness, be sure to visit during staffed times for your first time. The Healthwise Fitness team can then onboard you and your Fitness Passport membership for 24/7 access. 

For employees of Monash Health or Hudson Institute, Healthwise Fitness membership fees can be deducted directly from your pre-tax fortnightly salary. Moreover, Healthwise Fitness membership includes access to the popular Reformer Pilates class. 

Healthwise Fitness is owned and operated by Monash Health. All fees collected by Healthwise Fitness are invested back into the gym facilities and programs: inspiring, energising and connecting our workforce at Monash Health. 

For more information about the facility, equipment, group classes, personal training and rehabilitation services and massage therapy at Healthwise Fitness, visit the Healthwise Fitness page on the Monash Health website. 

Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture

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