Coming out of COVID: Moments that matter

We invite you to join us in celebrating World Kindness Day at Monash Health. The day will allow us to reflect on the role kindness plays at work, for our patients, their families and our colleagues. 

This year, the theme is ‘Moments that matter’, in recognition of the significant impact that small gestures can have. The theme aligns with our new Service Excellence Standards, which are at the centre of our commitment to meet or exceed expectations in every interaction. 

World Kindness Day celebrates the power of random acts of kindness and the power to change the world for the better. 

This Schwartz Round, ‘Coming out of COVID: Moments that matter’, explores how employees continue to report the impact of the COVID pandemic on their work and their lives. As we emerge from the pandemic, we are taking a moment to look back and look forward to the moments that matter to us, and how they can transform our perspectives 

Schwartz Rounds are a multidisciplinary forum where employees from all areas can gather to discuss the psycho-social aspects of caring for our patients and each other. 

Come along to and support your colleagues and join in the conversation. 


  • Ari Horton, Clinical Lead Schwartz Rounds 
  • Amy Lewis, Manager, Consumer Partnerships and Volunteer Services, Patient Experience Office 
  • Philip George, Hospital in the Home, Medical Director 
  • Gaynor Henderson, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, People and Culture 
  • Tobias Van Hest, Deputy Director, Paediatric Emergency 

Join the Hybrid Event 

12:00pm for Lunch
12:30pm Event start
Lecture Theatre 1, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton 


12:30pm Online (via Webex) 

Please ensure you join prior to the event start time.  

Password: PzAiJWgr836 

Webex Event ID: 2651 404 9217     

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