Let’s change the story… beyond the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Sunday is Human Rights Day and the end of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. We know that preventing family violence means acting every day, so what can we do to continue the conversation and change the story? 

Let’s change the story on… Gender Equality 

We are making strides to ensure that we address gender equality and promote an inclusive environment. We have introduced our new flexible working procedure to provide fair opportunities in our workplace and have progressed key deliverables in our Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP). 

Contact Dr Ashlee Linck via email ashlee.linck@monashhealth.org for more information on our Gender Equality Action Plan.  

Early intervention matters 

Effective early intervention is an important part of stopping violence and protecting victim survivors from both immediate and long-term harm.   

As a health service provider, we are in a unique position to identify and support individuals and prevent violence from reoccurring. We have support and programs in place to help you identify and respond to family violence and promote respectful relationships.   

Let’s change the story… know how to respond  

The Monash Health family violence clinical guideline helps you understand, identify and respond to family violence. You can access the guideline on PROMPT. 

Often, when dealing with a presentation of family violence, you may not know what to do next. Within the guideline, the team has included a useful flowchart. The flowchart outlines the steps you should take in the situation, including when it is appropriate to contact the Family Violence team for a secondary consultation.   

Let’s change the story… if you are worried about someone 

If you witness family violence at work, or if there is an imminent or immediate risk of harm, exhibited by patients or visitors, follow procedure and call a Code Grey or Black. At no point should you put yourself in danger; we have support available. Once it is safe to do so, follow the appropriate post-incident procedure and guidance on Prompt.    

Let’s change the story… update your knowledge  

There are education and training options that can support your role. These include: 

  • Family violence workplace response: supporting our employees 
  • Information sharing schemes – clinical education 
  • Family violence sensitive practice (victim survivor) – clinical education 
  • Family violence intermediate practice (victim survivor) – clinical education 

Enrolments are available through LATTE.

Support for employees impacted by family violence  

Monash Health provides a safe space and support for employees impacted by family violence. This includes: 

Your manager or supervisor is also available to support you and discuss your options, including family violence leave, or you can contact your People and Culture Business Partner via the advice line on
(03) 9265 2724.   

Approved by Adjunct Associate Professor Naomi Dobroff, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Information Officer and General Manager EMR and Informatics Program

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