The way we communicate for patient care has changed


Excitingly, Baret has now been in use across Monash Health by all our inpatient clinicians for two weeks! Clinicians are clocking on to roles so they can receive communication and we are supporting excellence in timely care by ensuring you can find the right person at the right time.

Baret on the ground

Our teams across Nursing and Midwifery, Medical, Allied Health, Pharmacy and more, have been using Baret for clinical communication for two weeks, and the support for our new system is strong.

“As a busy, consult-heavy medical service which relies on clear and timely communication with other teams, Baret has greatly improved our ability to effectively manage our workload. The audit function of Baret, has empowered our unit to easily audit referrals and work, and has also been an invaluable and informative resource.” – Adult Infectious Diseases registrars

Baret’s most useful feature for the Pharmacy team has been the ability to find ward pharmacists by role, instead of searching through a daily roster to see who to contact, and receiving acknowledgement from the doctor via the Acknowledgement button.

For new pharmacists using Baret for the first time, they have found it is very intuitive and easy to communicate without needing to look up contact numbers. The team also appreciate that Baret requires 3 points of ID and selection of timeframe for response.

“It took a little to get used to, just teething problems, but l love it now. Really good, you get responses much quicker than leaving a message or trying to page a team. Very happy with the service.” –  Fiona, ICU Nurse

How to get help with Baret after the special support period – from Wednesday 13 December

From Wednesday 13 December, we transition to ‘business as usual’ support for Baret.

You can utilise the support resources on the Baret Knowledge Hub or speak to a teammate for help. During business hours, you can still message the ‘Baret Support’ role and a member of the team will provide assistance.

  • Clinicians may escalate to their manager or nursing coordinator (NCO) for advice.
  • For non-urgent issues, such as requests for roles, please log a ticket with Baret using Central.
  • For urgent Baret or MS Teams issues, please contact your site NCO and call IT.​

How to get the most out of Baret

If you want to know more about how to use Baret, you can:​

  • Complete Baret training on Latte and visit the Baret Knowledge Hub which is available via the Digital Health Training and Adoption (DHTA) icon on the desktop, or by searching ‘Baret’ in the Intranet Search bar.
  • Talk to your colleagues for tips and advice​.

For any questions or to provide feedback, please contact the team via  or log a ticket in Central.​

Approved by Alex Duong, Deputy Chief Medical Information Officer – Digital Health

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