Medical intern creates AI program to analyse thousands of research papers

Medical intern Dr Manoj Arachige created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program to analyse thousands of papers published on PubMed using ‘Text Mining’.  

He analysed nearly 25,000 abstracts and about 3,800 full-text articles and sorted them into thematic groups and information on individual brain regions without reading a single word.  

“I don’t have a background in computer science but learnt the basics during medical school in my free time, and the project allowed me to really extend myself on an exciting and challenging task.  

“One of the hardest parts of the project was accurately getting the program to read PDF versions of older studies, and this was just before the massive AI boom earlier this year when software intermediaries like Google Vision proliferated and made this process much easier,” he said. 

Manoj was still a student doing his Bachelor of Medical Science honours year when he built the program over about four months and analysed the articles in 2021, collecting data on the thousands of articles on PubMed at that time. 

3D visualisation of the top 10 most frequently mentioned terms from text mining of the full-texts corpus.

As a first author, he had recently published a paper on disorder of consciousness, a condition usually associated with severe diffuse brain injury in clinical neurology journal, Frontiers in Neurology.  

The Melbourne native graduated from Monash University in 2022 with a Medical Degree and a BMedSc Honours. 

He started his position at Monash Health earlier this year and spent a lot of time at Monash Medical Centre and Dandenong Hospital. He recently returned from a 10-week rotation in Mildura and is now placed in Casey Hospital within the Emergency Department.  

“I’m still loving the early experiences of working in clinical medicine and am having a tough time choosing what area I’m interested in,” he says. 

Manoj says he did his BMedSc with Head of Neuroscience Research Professor Thanh Phan in 2021 and enjoyed doing research under his supervision.  

“My mentor throughout has been Prof Phan. I initially worked on the paper with him for my BMedSc Hons program. His guidance when it came to structuring my study and the final stretch of getting everything published was pivotal.  I can confidently say that he taught me everything necessary about publishing scientific research.  

“Monash Health has been a great place to work and do research. I think ultimately the quality and support of each team throughout my rotations, as well as the Neurology research team led by Prof Phan and Director of Neurology and Stroke Professor Henry Ma, really foster a great environment for learning and high-quality research output,” he says.  

We’re so glad to have the talented Manoj back at Monash Health and look forward to learning more about where his dedication and talent take him on his clinical and research journey with us. 


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Approved by: Professor Than Panh, Head of Neuroscience Research 

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