Join the fun and the sun with Monash Health at Midsumma Pride March

The Midsumma Pride March is fast approaching, and we want everyone and anyone to join us! Bring along your loved ones to walk behind the Monash Health banner on Sunday 4 February – friends, partners, families, and children are all welcome.

Monash Health is committed to an inclusive culture; reflecting and celebrating the diversity of the community we work with and serve. Being part of the Pride March is an opportunity to show our care and support for members of the Rainbow Community, be it family, friends, patients or ourselves, which goes beyond hospital and health service doors.

For Kathryn Sullivan, Healthy Koori Kids Clinic Coordinator, attending Monash Health’s debut at the Pride March last year was a highlight of being a Monash Health employee.

“Before we began the march, there was a gathering of hundreds of people, and mingled with people from across Monash Health and every major health service in Victoria. There was a buzz of energy and joy throughout the day. There were dogs in fantastic costumes and people of all ages and abilities.

“As we marched behind our Monash Health banner, we passed hundreds of people who clapped and cheered us. I felt proud to be part of organisation that believes in standing up for LGBTIQA+ rights to safety and equitable health!”

Michael Schilling, Interim Nurse Unit Manager, Ward 4A Canopy, also joined the Pride March last year.

“Last year, I participated in the Monash Health Pride March because I strongly believe in the power of visibility and inclusivity in promoting equality and acceptance for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

“It was an incredibly empowering experience to march alongside colleagues, community members, and allies, sending a powerful message of support and solidarity to the LGBTQA+ community within and beyond our organisation.

“The sense of unity and celebration of diversity during the event reinforced the significance of creating an inclusive and affirming environment for everyone at Monash Health.

“I fully intend on matching again this year.”

Whitney Perera, Executive Assistant and a member of the LGBTIQA+ subcommittee, was proud to walk with Monash Health at the Pride March for the first time.

“Being part of the team, marching down Fitzroy Street, sends a powerful message that we are proud to provide care for our patients and community. I wanted to show that I march in solidarity with my colleagues and the Monash Health community celebrating gender and sexual diversity.

“Helping organise Monash Health’s first Pride March made me feel so proud that we are actively taking steps to make sure we are accepting of the LGBTIQA+ community and are providing an inclusive and respectful environment to work in and provide care for our patients! I loved being a part of this event. It was such a fun day and can’t wait to go again!”

For Camilo Cayazaya, Partnerships Lead, Prevention and Health Promotion, being part of the Pride March was an opportunity to show allyship in the community.

“I participated in the Pride March with my partner because I’m proud to stand with the LGBTIQA+ community. This is a priority population that still struggles to be recognised as legitimate and this was an amazing opportunity to join Monash Health in solidarity with this community, my friends and colleagues in it, and all the wonderful people in healthcare who support it. This population suffers higher rates of community violence, sexually transmitted infections and difficulty accessing healthcare while 60-90% experience suicidal thoughts in their lifetime.

“I think it’s important that people and organisations – especially healthcare workers and organisations – show support publicly to normalise the conversation and celebrate the diversity of the human experience. It’s only through being loud and proud of each other that we can move past our old-fashioned taboos to let people express themselves fully, live without fear, and receive the kind of dignified, high-quality care we pride ourselves on no matter who they are.”

Register for the March

You can join the Midsumma Pride March to march with those who can and in solidarity with those who cannot. If you prefer not to join the march, you can come along and cheer your colleagues, friends and family on the sidelines.

To receive updates and information about marching with Monash Health at the Pride March on Sunday 4 February, fill out the form to register your interest.

Where to meet

Those who are marching will assemble at Ian Johnson Oval on the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy Street at 12 to 12:30 pm. Join us under our Monash Health Pride in Care banner:

We will be marching with Wave O – Primary Health Organisations. Please be mindful that there will be road closures and limited parking around the parade route. More information about assigned locations and accessibility are available on the Midsumma website.

How to show your Pride at Pride

While representing Monash Health, it’s important to be mindful of our position in the community. As trusted providers of essential healthcare, we show our pride with respect for all ages.

Dress for flair or for comfort while you march – colours of the rainbow and sparkle are always advocated! We’ll have buttons available to wear on the day for extra cheer along with some extra props to share.

Stay sun smart – we will provide sunscreen and water on the day, but we recommend you bring a hat and long sleeves to keep the rays away.

Approved by Chris McLoughlin, Executive Director, People and Culture

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