Training and events parking at the Victorian Heart Hospital

There remain ongoing parking challenges at the Victorian Heart Hospital, which we continue to actively address.

It has come to our attention that when Monash Health events, meetings, conferences and training are held at the hospital, Monash Health staff who are not based at the Victorian Heart Hospital attending those events are parking on site.

Please be advised that parking at the Victorian Heart Hospital is for clinicians working on site.

Parking is not available for Monash Health employees who are attending training and events at the hospital. The impact of non-VHH-based Monash Health employees parking in the underground car park is felt by the clinical employees, our patients and visitors.

When organising a Monash Health event to be held at the Victorian Heart Hospital during work hours, please make adequate arrangements for employee transportation to site. The hospital is well-serviced by public transport options, and has excellent end-of-trip facilities for those who choose to cycle, jog, or walk to the site (enter from Blackburn Road, near utilities driveway, using your Monash Health security pass).

We fully appreciate the inconvenience that the car park challenges cause our employees, and we continue to work on ways to alleviate and resolve this issue.

Approved by Paul Butler, Interim Executive Director, Office of the Chief Executive

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