Welcome to our 2024 Nursing and Midwifery graduates

This week we welcomed our 2024 Summer Graduate Program intake of 387 graduate nurses and midwives, as we continue to boast the largest graduate workforce in Victoria.

Our graduates will rotate through 105 clinical areas across our sites, undertaking a structured 12-month program with clinical support from a dedicated education and operations team.

Karin White, Director, Nursing and Midwifery Education & Strategy, is excited to welcome the cohort.

“We extend a very warm welcome to our 2024 Summer Graduate Program, we are delighted you are taking the next steps in your professional clinical careers,“ she says.

“We’re all here to help and smooth the transition path as much as possible.”

Our summer intake includes many graduates who are new to the organisation, including a New Zealand cohort who have made the big move across the Tasman Sea to join the Monash Health team.

Impressively, 40 percent of our summer intake graduates are previous RUSON/Ms, highlighting the program’s success in retaining and nurturing talent.

Graduates will have the opportunity to consolidate their skills and grow their confidence across a diverse range of practice environments including highly specialised areas such as Dialysis and Intensive Care.

We are home to Victoria’s most diverse graduate workforce and have approximately 750 graduate nurses and midwives participating in our Graduate Program each year, with further streams joining us throughout 2024.

It can be a daunting time for our new graduates as they find their feet in such a large organisation. If you see a few nervous faces around the grounds, say hi and make them feel welcome.

As we offer a warm welcome to our newcomers, we also congratulate our 2023 cohort who have now completed their graduate program and are embarking on the next steps in their careers.

Good luck to all our graduates as they transition to their new and rewarding careers at Monash Health!


Approved by Karin White, Director, Nursing and Midwifery Education & Strategy

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