Encourage your teams to receive the flu Vaccination

Our free flu vaccinations are now available to all Monash Health employees.

We are offering convenient times and locations across all campuses over the next two weeks. Please encourage your team to take advantage of this opportunity and receive the flu vaccination before the wide range of locations and times become limited.

Monash Health expects all healthcare workers to be vaccinated for Influenza. Please take a moment to review the Flu Vaccination – BI Dashboard to check the status of your team members and encourage those that haven’t yet received their flu vaccination to do so as soon as possible.

If employees have received the vaccination somewhere else, we ask them to complete the quick online declaration form here: Monash Health Employee Influenza Declaration (office.com)

For more information including schedule of dates, times, locations and FAQS visit: https://coronavirus.monashhealth.org/vaccination-hub/flu-vaccination/

Download the posters for your team here: Getting an Influenza (flu) vaccination | Monash Health COVID-19 Website

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart, Director, Public Health and Infection Prevention

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