Family violence practice changes: advancing safety and introducing new supporting resources

Responding to family violence forms an important part of all clinical roles and responsibilities. To ensure Monash Health provides a holistic response to family violence, four clinical levels of family violence practice have been introduced. These implement the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework and Information Sharing Schemes, which help provide a standard response across public services and the family violence sector.    

Exploring advanced tools for family violence response in EMR and SMR 

There are new family violence practice levels at Monash Health. To support this, five tools are now available through EMR (PowerForms) and SMR (E-Notes and printable forms): 

  • Family Violence Identification Tool (for adult victim survivors) 
  • Family Violence Risk Assessment Tool (for adult victim survivors) 
  • Family Violence Child Risk Assessment Tool (for child victim survivors) 
  • Family Violence Safety Planning Tool (for adults and young people) 
  • Family Violence Progress Note 

The Information Sharing FVISS/CISS E-Note is available on SMR only.   

Learn more at our upcoming information session 

Encourage your teams to attend the ‘Family Violence Practice Changes’ information session on Thursday 27 July at 11am via Teams.  Our family violence team will explain the changes to legislation, explain the levels of clinical practice, outline best practice for the new tools available for clinicians in our EMR and SMR, provide details on our information sharing schemes, and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the changes. 

Family Violence Training on LATTE 

In addition to this one-off session, training courses are available through Latte: 

Information Sharing Schemes – for all clinicians  1 hour, three x
20-minute modules 
Family Violence Sensitive Practice (Victim Survivor) – for sensitive practice clinicians  1.5 hours, three x
30-minute modules 
Family Violence Intermediate Practice (Victim Survivor) – for intermediate practice clinicians  1.5 hours, three x
30-minute modules 
Family Violence Workplace Response: Supporting our Employees – targeted training for managers, however all staff able to complete  30-minute module 

Where can I find more information? 

If you require more information on the practice changes to support your team, please see our resources listed below:   

Note: More guidance is coming about working with people who use violence. 

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