The pandemic means we are exploring new ways of doing business, including recruitment. Read about the online tools we can use to ensure best practice.

This page features a recent presentation to managers about the tools and techniques to attract the best talent and conduct the full recruitment process utilising a range of online methods, which can also save time. It is unlikely we will return to the ‘old ways’ so this material provides the tips, tools and resources to attract the best possible talent.

Best practice recruitment

Managers Briefing 29 July 2020

Presentation by Fiona Reynolds, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions were based on those submitted via Slido during the Manager Forum on 29 July 2020.

Where can I find details of how I advertise a position?

Our Recruitment Services team can assist you with raising a recruitment request and advertising a position.  To find a step-by-step guide to recruitment, log onto the intranet via Citrix and search for the ‘Recruitment services and talent acquisition’ page.

Where do I find a template for what needs to be included to advertise a Monash Health role externally?

We have uploaded templates for both internal and external advertisements for nursing roles to the Talent Acquisition intranet page. To access the page, you will need to log onto the intranet via Citrix and search for ‘Recruitment services and talent acquisition’.

The same principles can be used when preparing advertisement for non-nursing roles.  Please call the Talent Acquisition team if you need advice or assistance .

As we are generally mobile across sites, there is no shared number for the Talent Acquisition team.   The names and phone numbers of our team members are provided on the intranet page.

The Talent Acquisition page is accessed from the People and Culture intranet home page.

What is the most successful/reliable source for securing applicants?

There is no single answer to this.  It depends upon the hiring manager’s knowledge of their existing team and their capabilities.  Some positions will be able to be filled successfully from among our existing staff, while others will need to be advertised outside Monash Health to secure skills and/or experience that we don’t currently have in-house.  Please contact the Talent Acquisition team to discuss individual needs.

Is LinkedIn a useful advertising site?

We encourage our hiring managers to share vacancies on their personal LinkedIn accounts.  Our experience has been that LinkedIn has generated some potential candidates for senior management roles, but it has proved less effective for our Nursing and Support Services cohorts; as professional groups, they are not big users of LinkedIn.

In 2019 we established a closed Facebook group which has a membership of over 1,100 nurses as part of our talent pool.

What is the effectiveness of our SEEK advertising?

We have used SEEK routinely from mid-2016 until June 2020 for a range of positions.  Results are analysed at the end of each financial year and advertising guidelines adjusted accordingly.   During the last financial year over 800 positions were advertised on SEEK, with 7.6% of our successful applicants being sourced through that channel.

What is the most effective channel for advertising Monash Health roles?

As of June 2020, the Monash Health website was the source of over 46% of our successful applicants.

Are there circumstances where I directly appoint candidates with no advertising and when can I do EOIs versus e-recruitment?

Under the Delegation schedules, direct appointments for one period of up to six months can be approved by the Chief Executive or relevant Executive Director.

Expression of Interest (EOI) is an accepted advertising method for situations where the hiring manager anticipates that there are suitably skilled and qualified employees in the department who could successfully fill the hours (EFT)- required to be filled.  An EOI requires the normal approval levels as per the Delegation Authority. 

If I update a PD and this includes changes, do others on the same grade need a change process?

No, unless there are substantial changes to the Position Description.  Reviewing the Position Description for accuracy before attaching to a recruitment request ensures that our advertising is a true representation of the position.

What do I do if I am having issues with the Mercury system?

Please contact the Recruitment Services team if you experience any issues the with Mercury system, so they can be flagged.  Their email address is:

How do we screen candidates given the requirements for social distancing?

In the current climate we have generally replaced the telephone screen with SONRU, effectively using it as a first interview.

Candidates who are successful through SONRU are then invited to a brief face to face meeting with the hiring manager (over Webex) prior to offers being made.

Can managers provide a verbal reference check rather than an online one?

Yes, we have nine reference check templates saved on the Talent Acquisition intranet page. To access the page, log onto the intranet via Citrix and search for ‘Recruitment services and talent acquisition’.

Please select the template that best suits the position concerned or call the Talent Acquisition team if you need advice or assistance. 

How can I provide a meaningful and helpful verbal reference so a new manager has a better idea of how to support their new team member?

Our reference check templates are available on the Talent Acquisition intranet page. To access the page, log onto the intranet via Citrix and search for ‘Recruitment services and talent acquisition’. Templates include a question asking the referee what approach they have found most useful in managing the candidate for success.

Do you have any tips on how I can handle unsuccessful applicants?

The Talent Acquisition intranet page houses a document called “How to guide – advising outcomes to unsuccessful candidates” which may assist you. To access the guide, log onto the intranet via Citrix and search for ‘Recruitment services and talent acquisition’.

How do you train a new staff member in a technical/practical field when the majority of staff from the area are working from home? 

This training should be conducted via Webex if possible.  If face-to-face training is the only viable option, please ensure the required protocols around PPE and social distancing are observed.

Can we set up an automatic process for clinical staff to receive IT access, EMR, Riskman etc?

At this stage, no.  The employee’s manager will need to request access to the systems required through IT.

Do we have a probationary period for new employees?

Yes.  As outlined in the People and Culture Probation procedure, and unless otherwise prescribed by a relevant industrial instrument, all new employees of Monash Health are subject to a probation period of six months prior to confirmation of ongoing appointment to their position.

Probation does not apply to employees transferring or promoted to a new position within Monash Health after they have completed their initial probationary period.

How do I access Xref?

Currently the Talent Acquisition team holds the budget for Xref and accordingly access is restricted so we can manage cost effectively.

Please contact the Talent Acquisition team if you would like to discuss using Xref to support your recruitment activity.


Contact: Fiona Reynolds, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition: fiona.

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