Wellbeing for you and your team

The outbreak of COVID-19 will inevitably be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about the disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions.

These resources are designed to support you and your team to keep healthy and safe.

Health and wellbeing

It is crucial that you as a manager support your team through this difficult time. Everyone will react differently, however, supporting your employees to maintain their own health and wellbeing and that of their loved ones could not be any more important than now.

It is important that Managers encourage every individual in your team to:

  • Turn to you, their colleagues or other trusted persons for support
  • Take care of their own core needs (e.g. sleep, exercise, and healthy eating)
  • Maintain as much of their normal daily routine as they possibly can
  • Stay closely connected, especially with their loved ones
  • Have agreed a clear home crisis communication and management plan with their loved ones
  • Draw on the skills they have learned in the past that have helped them manage previous life challenges
  • Contact the Monash Health Employee Assistance Program (1300 22 46 36) or the Monash Health “Call A Psychologist” support service (0418 905 414) if they need professional psychological advice or support
  • Seek only accurate information and facts from trusted sources
  • Follow strictly Monash Health’s infection protection and prevention policies and processes
  • Limit the time they spend watching, reading or listening to any media coverage that they know is inaccurate or find upsetting.

Your health and wellbeing are a top priority. You will find information and resources to support you and your team on the Health and wellbeing page. This includes content on managing anxiety, tips on setting up your office at home and looking after your body, advice on exercise and sleep and, most of all, where you can find support for yourself and your team. Encourage your team to use the resources.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission has put together a Wellbeing Toolkit, which contains a number of resources for managers. These resources include information on looking after yourself, keeping your team engaged and how to manage remote working and work-life balance.

Family violence

Family violence and COVID-19

As we have moved into Stage 3 restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are a group of people for whom staying at home increases their risk of family violence.

Our employees are also likely to experience the same range of issues at a time when it is vitally important we all stay healthy.

The Family Violence team at Monash will continue to adapt and be responsive to training needs during this time and are available for over-the-phone or online support for employee or patient- related secondary consults.

Contact Principal Strategic Advisor, Family Violence, Glenda Bawden on 0484 674 894.

Contact the team: familyviolenceeducation@monashhealth.org

Safe Steps: Information for employers

The Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre has some useful resources for employers

Safe Steps: Early warning signs of family violence

The Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre has some useful information on early warning signs of family violence.

Family violence training online

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence team has adapted training to be available online via Webex.

The Family Violence Clinical Education training includes information for clinicians about family violence in context of emergencies such as COVID-19 and how we can use technology to communicate with clients experiencing family violence during public health crisis.

Read more about the dates and how to book in.

Managers’ Training is also available via WebEx. This training assists managers to increase their understanding of the issues and what support is available. It will help managers better recognise, respond and refer employees who may be experiencing family violence. Book in via Latte.

Family violence support

Monash Health’s goal is to provide supportive and non-judgemental responses to employees impacted by family violence. Our support includes family violence leave, flexible work options, confidentiality, People and Culture Business Partners in the roles of contact officers, the employee assistance plan and more. Your Business Partner can be accessed by contacting the People and Culture advice line on 9265 2724.

Your manager is also available to support you and discuss options.

For details of the support available to staff, see the Manager’s guide to supporting our employees, which can be downloaded and is also available on prompt.

There are also three supporting fact sheets below.

Family violence policy

This policy has been developed to support and enable Monash Health’s commitment to provide high-quality care, support, information and referrals to people impacted by family violence.

Family violence clinical guideline

The latest version of the family violence clinical guideline can be found on prompt.
The clinical guideline has been developed to assist Monash Health employees identify and respond to family violence.

It includes a Family Violence Flowchart which provides the six step identification and response pathway – print it off and have it handy in your work area or ward.

Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence Initiative

Watch this video to learn about the role healthcare professionals can play in responding to family violence

Occupational Health and Safety

While our response to COVID-19 has required significant focus, skill and effort, we still need to ensure we are getting the basics right across all parts of our organisation.

You have a role in supporting your team to follow correct processes and procedures in all areas, at all times. There are a number of areas related to occupational health and safety where we should be lifting our efforts:

Make timely risk assessments

Remember to perform timely risk assessments and implement strategies according to the result. This applies right across Monash Health, however, areas of particular attention include:

  • VTE prevention (all routine prophylaxis to be given at 1600 hrs)
  • falls
  • delirium
  • nutrition
  • pressure injuries.

Riskman reporting

We have introduced a COVID-19 incident category in Riskman. Correct use of this will improve our reporting accuracy for COVID-related hazards or incidents.

Follow basic safety processes

Use our basic safety processes, including patient identification checks, the Six Rights of Medication Safety, thorough handover, escalation to senior clinicians when required.

Prevent slips, trips and falls

Prevent slips trips and falls – store equipment out of walkways, wind up electric cords and leads, attend to spills immediately.

Avoid being struck by/against equipment being moved or left unattended, such as beds, Gzunda, WOWs.

Report Occupational Violence and Aggression

Timely and accurate reporting of Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) provides you with the best support and helps prevent future incidents.

Occupational Violence & Aggression (OVA)

Information and resources on OVA can be found on the intranet.

Return all washable scrubs

Washable scrubs are supplied for use in high-risk areas to add another layer of safety, above and beyond PPE requirements. Please place them in the lime-green linen bags after every shift.

As a matter of safety and hygiene, please remind your team who may have taken scrubs home, left them in lockers, etc., to bring them back for laundering as quickly as possible.

Practice good hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene remains vital and cutting corners increases risk of transmission.

Get your flu shot

Flu shots are mandatory for all Monash Health employees and are available for free until 2 August.

Vaccination schedule until 2 August

View the flu vaccination schedule on the intranet.

Declaration form

Complete the declaration form if you have received your vaccination somewhere else or you don’t want to participate. It takes less than 1 minute.

Get support for wellbeing

Be mindful of your wellbeing and get support when you need it. Expect respect – everybody has a right to feel emotionally and physical safe, to be listened to and treated with respect and dignity.

More wellbeing resources for employees are available under the Health and Wellbeing section.

OHS resources

Posters you can print and display on your noticeboards are available under the Employee Resources section, including:

  • Extra stress needs extra care poster
  • Protect yourself early, get your free flu shot now poster.

The Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) posters below can be downloaded from the Resources page:

  • OVA poster – all sites
  • OVA posters – community sites.
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