Employee Allergy Clinic

The telehealth Employee Allergy Clinic was established in 2020 after changes in our work environment saw an increase in PPE requirements for employees


The introduction of new PPE procedures meant that some employees have experienced an occupational allergy or allergic symptoms following the use of certain equipment such as masks.  

The telehealth clinic has continued to evolve to meet these needs and is open for employee bookings.

Clinic operating times


The clinic operates every Thursday via telehealth, 1pm to 4pm.

More information

This telehealth clinic is predominantly for booked appointments.

Telehealth service portal

For all telehealth bookings and to access the drop-in service visit the Staff Allergy Dermatology Service Portal

Standard booking process

To attend the clinic, you will need a referral from your GP, which includes that you are an employee of Monash Health. Once you have obtained a referral, please email it to Monash Health Outpatients and you will be contacted to organise an appointment time. 

The team are working to see as many of our employees as possible. However, due to high demand, there is currently a six-week waiting time to be seen at the clinic through this process. 

The telehealth clinic also accepts referrals from employees experiencing non-direct occupational allergic and dermatological concerns, including hay fever and asthma. However, priority access will be given to individuals with direct occupational conditions.  

Once you have a booking, please access the staff allergy dermatology service portal to attend your telehealth appointment.

Monash Health Outpatients

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Emergency referral process

In rare circumstances, where there is an urgent matter that cannot be delayed, the telehealth clinic operates a drop-in service through the staff allergy dermatology service portal.

The drop-in service is limited to a maximum of two urgent consultations each week during the clinic’s operating times. If the clinic reaches the capacity of two urgent reviews on any one clinic day, any waiting employees will be notified. 

To attend the drop-in service for an urgent consultation, all employees must have a UR number. If you do not have a UR number already, please complete the registration form and email it through to SMR support at SMRsupport@monashhealth.org. Please email the form one day prior to your clinic presentation.

If you use the service, the specialist who sees you will document the consult in SMR and will write a letter to your GP after the consult. If a script is required, this will be sent to the Monash Health Pharmacy, with collection available at Monash Medical Centre (Clayton), Dandenong, Moorabbin or Casey Hospital pharmacy departments.

If the drop-in service for an urgent consult is utilised and you require additional follow-up appointments, you will need a referral from your GP in line with the standard booking process. 

Tips for minimising mask discomfort

Here are some steps you can take to minimise discomfort when wearing a mask:

  • Begin your shift with a clean face and avoid wearing makeup.
  • Apply facial moisturiser to your face 30 minutes before your shift.
  • Check the positioning of your mask on your face and over your ears is correctly applied, and ensure there are no avoidable pressure areas.
  • Remove your mask every four hours for at least 15 mins.

The following protective products are recommended if required:

  • Convatec Silesse – provides an invisible skin barrier to reduce irritation to the skin. This product is a single-use towelette that can be applied to the nose, cheekbones and chin, lasts 72 hours with no build-up, and is easily removed. Convatex Silesse is available through site NCOs.
  • Ear savers – removes the pressure behind the ears. To use ear savers, loop your mask ear loops into the hooks and apply your mask as normal.
  • Duoderm Thin or Mepilex Lite – are used to protect your skin and remove some pressure from behind your ears. They are for use on and over your ears and not on your face, as this can impair the N95 mask seal and therefore your protection. They remain in place all day and are low profile.

For more information, download the mask comfort flow chart.

Mask Comfort Flow Chart

PDF document.

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