Supporting your use of Personal Protective Equipment

This page provides the role descriptions and implementation materials to help standardise PPE support across Monash Health.

The correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental part of our safe management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are implementing a range of additional initiatives designed to keep you safe at work.

This includes additional resources and roles to support your correct use of PPE and to ensure the safety of those entering and leaving suspected COVID (SCOVID) and COVID wards.

These roles should not only maintain and improve our safety and PPE compliance but also standardise approaches across all Monash Health sites so that we have a sustainable model throughout the pandemic.

PPE Roles

PPE Concierges are non-clinical roles that help to ensure that traffic in the COVID management areas is minimised and that records are kept for all who enter and exit the area.

PPE Safety Officers are in place to observe and support PPE application and removal in COVID care areas. These roles are allocated in both internal and external positions and can assist in transport of patients around the hospital as well as within the COVID care areas. The role can be undertaken by various staff including non-HCW or HCW.

COVID-19 Marshals are a Department of Health required role and this responsibility is held by the nurse in charge of the COVID care area.


The following documents and resources will support the PPE Concierges, Safety Officers and COVID-19 Marshals carry out their roles consistently across sites:

8 September 2021COVID-19 Marshal role description

A document that describes the role of a COVID-19 Marshal.


30 October 2021PPE Concierge Role Descriptor

A document that describes the role of a PPE Concierge.


7 October 2021PPE Safety Officer Role Descriptor

A document that describes the role of a PPE Safety Officer.


24 November 2021PPE Safety Officer Update (Nov 2021)

Updates in relation to the PPE Safety Officer role.


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