Updated advice for N95/P2 respirators

The Department of Health and Human Services have amended their advice for N92/P2 respirators and their use as part of Tier 3 PPE Precautions.

These changes further define the risk categories of suspected COVID-19 patients, but do not significantly alter any components of our current PPE Tiers:

  • Healthcare workers must wear a N95/P2 respirator
    • at all times when providing care to high-risk suspected (probable)and confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, regardless of the amount of time in contact.
    • when undertaking an aerosol generating procedure (AGPs) on a person assessed as low-risk suspected, high-risk suspected (probable), or a confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) case.
    • providing care to a person assessed as low-risk suspected, high-risk suspected (probable) or a confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) case and there is a risk of aerosol generating behaviours.
  • Use of N95/P2 respirators are not required for healthcare workers
      • undertaking surgery or AGPs on patients who are not suspected or confirmed to have coronavirus (COVID19).
    • working at a coronavirus (COVID-19) testing site and/or undertaking testing for coronavirus (COVID-19).
    • patients with aerosol generating behaviours who are not confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • If the risk of bodily fluid splash is low, staff may wear a regular (non-fluid resistant) P2/N95 respirator with a face shield.
  • Do not use P2/N95 respirators with a valve. The air you exhale is likely to not be filtered and may expose other healthcare workers and patients

Please ensure you are familiar with the current PPE standards.

Approved by Professor Rhonda Stuart, Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology

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