Getting into healthy habits at home

It is important to integrate healthy habits into our daily routines to ensure a balanced lifestyle. For one reason or another, we may be finding ourselves spending more time at home. Sometimes, spending more time at home can lead to spending more time being sedentary and, at times, inactive. We might find ourselves spending more time watching television or reaching for the takeout menu a bit more regularly. While these activities can be a part of a perfectly healthy lifestyle, we should make sure we are developing healthy habits while at home.

It can be hard to get yourself to the gym or to go on a run. Sometimes, we need to get a little creative and find simple, fun and engaging ways to get active in our day-to-day lives. Enliven have partnered with numerous organisations in South East Melbourne to promote some easy ways you can get moving at home!

Learn to dance

Dancing is an easy way to get your heart rate up! It can be as simple as searching for a video to follow along with on YouTube. You can learn a few moves to show off at your next function, or get the whole family involved for a fun workout.

The ‘housework workout’

Housework is a common way of getting in some incidental exercise. Whether you’re hauling a load of laundry, walking the dog or giving the room a dust, it all counts as being active.

The ‘shopping bag workout’

Combining physical activity with something you already do regularly is a great way of fitting in exercise and saving time. It can even be something as simple as bringing in the groceries!

Join a virtual class

Many exercise and meditation classes are now online! Whether it be yoga or a HIIT class, joining a class can be a great opportunity to try a new way of being active.

Start a plant project

You can try your hand at some gardening in your free time. You can plant some new seeds in your veggie patch or just weed the backyard. Those who are eager green thumbs know that gardening can be a great way to get in some exercise while getting some fresh air!

These are just a few small, fun ways we can stay active and occupied while we spend some more time at home. Give one a try today!


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