CrazySocks4Docs Day

CrazySocks4Docs Day

On Friday 5 June, we’re encouraging Monash Health employees to wear their CrazySocks4Docs to help normalise conversations about mental health.

CrazySocks4Docs was established by Dr Geoff Toogood in 2017 after his own lived experience of anxiety and depression.

Dr Toogood heard people were talking behind his back and questioning his mental health because he had come to work wearing odd socks. In reality, his new puppy had been eating his socks, so he was down to his last odd pair — but he was struck by the stigma and discrimination, so CrazySocks4Docs was born.

How to participate in CrazySocks4Docs

  • On Friday 5 June, pick out your craziest pair of socks and wear them to work.
  • Snap a pic of your socks and post to social media with the hashtag #CrazySocks4Docs
  • If you would like us to re-share your photo, use the hashtag #CrazySocks4MonashHealth and/or send through your images to
  • Don’t forget to use your crazy socks as an icebreaker to check in and see how your colleagues are going or take a look at our Health and Wellbeing resources below.

Resources for Monash Health employees

We have a range of resources available to support your mental health, including the Call a Psychologist service for immediate support on 0418 905 414 or you can call the Employee Assistance Program on 1300 687 327.

To learn more about how we can help you and how you can support your wellbeing, take a look at the Health and Wellbeing page.



5 June 2020


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