Exercise Right Week: Exercise & Stretch session

Exercise Right Week: Exercise & Stretch session

Monash Health Accredited Exercise Physiologists are going to be running exercise & stretch sessions for you to participate in during Exercise Right Week (Monday 24 May– Sunday 30 May). These sessions are a great way to break up your day and are easy to join. Join the session at 3pm!

Pre-screen tool

Please complete the pre-screen tool prior to joining the session. This pre-screen tool is used to identify those individuals with a known disease, and/or signs or symptoms of disease, who may be at a higher risk of an adverse event due to physical activity/exercise.

An adverse event refers to an unexpected event that occurs as a consequence of a physical activity/exercise session, resulting in ill health, physical harm or death to an individual. Stage 1 may be self-administered and evaluated by the client.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions. Please refrain from undertaking any unsupervised exercise, and contact an accredited exercise physiologist for advice on what exercise will be safe for you.

Join the session

Webex address: https://monashhealth.webex.com/monashhealth/j.php?MTID=m77220814f789942ec63d449b2b9be102

You can find more information by downloading the flyer.


26 May 2021




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