Leadership Live

Leadership Live

We’re excited to host Leadership Live; a program designed to accelerate development and unlock the leader within.

Join us at 2pm on Wednesday, 23 August 2023 for our next Leadership Live, hosted by Michelle Morrison, Director, Organisation Capability, People and Culture.

As Donald McGannon famously said, ‘Leadership is an action, not a position’, and this sentiment underpins our vision to ignite a leadership culture of innovation and transformation. Let’s share ideas and explore what’s possible!

Hosted by Monash Health leaders, for Monash Health leaders, these interactive sessions will provide a platform for sharing ideas, learning, and experimenting with innovative leadership approaches.

Thriving and High Performance

‘Thriving is being energised, feeling valued, and feeling that what you do is valued. Thriving is being productive, being open to challenges and having the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.’ – Spreitzer et al., 2005

In conversation with our leaders, we’ll explore ideas on how we can thrive and perform at work through a sense of purpose, accomplishment and playing our role in this world.


  • Welcome to Leadership Live – Michelle Morrison, Director, Organisation Capability, People and Culture
  • Whole self-leadership at the intersection of cultural paradigms – Anjali Dhulia, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director, Medical Services explores a working career across borders towards a life by design informed by “thriving”.
  • Thriving through service – Sue Kirsa, Director, Pharmacy explores the role of leader in designing work, workplace and work culture to foster thriving and high performance.
  • Fast News – Presented by Sarah Lorentzen, Strategic Advisor to the Chief Executive

Live conversation via Teams chat

As part of an interactive session, attendees are encouraged to participate via Microsoft Teams’ built-in chat feature.
While discussion is encouraged, we ask that comments and questions remain respectful of others.

Join the Online Event

  • Event address: Microsoft Teams
  • Meeting ID: 479 411 447 415
  • Password: Jsq4iF


23 August 2023




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