Leading Mentally Healthy Teams

Leading Mentally Healthy Teams

Our department managers and second-in-charge managers are invited to attend facilitated learning and training sessions focused on leading mentally healthy teams.

These sessions aim to empower our leaders to help improve employee health, wellbeing and psychological safety in our working environment by equipping our leaders with skills to:

  • Create a mentally healthy environment where employees feel safe to express any mental health concerns or issues to their people leader.
  • Respond to any acute mental health issue with appropriate psychological first aid strategies.
  • Manage any immediate risks and provide appropriate support to an employee.
  • Feel confident in approaching an employee that a leader may be concerned about.
  • Conduct a supportive conversation about mental health.

The sessions are facilitated by a trained psychologist and consultant from our Employee Assistance Program, Converge International. Each session will include a break of thirty minutes.

To register for one of these sessions, enroll by logging in to LATTE and searching for ‘Leading mentally healthy’ under the ‘Find Learning’ tab. Locate the course titled ‘Leading Mentally Healthy Teams’.

Once you have registered for a session, a link with the course details will be emailed to you directly prior to the session.

If you have any questions or for further information, please contact Gaynor Henderson, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator.


20 April 2023


9:00am - 1:00pm


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