‘We Can’ Supportive Care in Cancer Resource Launch

‘We Can’ Supportive Care in Cancer Resource Launch

The University of Melbourne in partnership with the Department of Health & Human Services invites you to the official launch of ‘We Can’; a suite of resources for people affected by cancer and health professionals including awareness materials, online education module and navigation website.

The Supportive Care in Cancer Refresh Project has delivered a suite of contemporary consumer and clinician facing resources to address the current variation in access to and knowledge about cancer supportive care across Victoria.

The WeCan framework for cancer supportive care delivers co-designed resources to enable all clinicians to deliver timely access to supportive care information and services; and gives consumers the knowledge and awareness they need to quickly navigate to evidence-informed supportive care information, services and resources.

For more information, download the ‘‘We Can’ Launch Invitation.


13 May 2024


5:00pm - 6:30pm
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