COVID-19 Update: 6 March

As mentioned in the last update from the Chief Executive, our ‘Incident Command Centre’ will coordinate our preparations and management of COVID-19, including our operations, logistics, planning, and communication functions.

To ensure that our plans stay aligned with the latest developments and advice, task-specific working groups will meet weekly, covering areas such as workforce planning, critical care, pharmacy, pathology, aged care, and site and ward logistics (to name a few).


What can you be doing now

  1. Stay informed through reliable information
    The most current and reliable information can be found on our dedicated webpage, Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Monash Health employees and the DHHS’s webpages for healthcare workers and the community.
  1. Refresh your knowledge of the use of PPE
    Watch the video outlining the key steps for applying and removing personal protective equipment.
  1. Understand your local area plan
    Talk with your manager so that you are up to date and aware of any developments
  1. Practice good hand hygiene


Personal Leave

We are currently working through a range of workforce planning scenarios to ensure we can support any increase in demand in future months

We also understand a number of employees are seeking to cancel approved leave due to current concerns about travelling overseas and the need to change leave plans.

Current advice about leave can be found here.


Health care workers returning from overseas leave

Advice on this changing and evolving situation can be found here.
(Underneath current case definition).


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