Signs to help support visitor restrictions

With the Victorian Government’s stage 3 restrictions now in place, we are moving as quickly as possible to limit our visitors to just those allowed under the guidelines and ensure people know where they can get the correct support if they are unwell.

In coming days you will see signs outside our main entrances which will continue to push the key messages that people who are unwell should not visit patients at any time and that significant visitor restrictions are now in place.

For those sites with emergency departments, we are seeking to direct people as clearly as possible to the COVID-19 screening clinics rather than emergency if they consider they have the symptoms of COVID-19.

In line with our previous advice, if you have any concerns about visitor behaviour, or if they breach the new conditions, please contact security.

Please note there are now posters about occupational violence and expecting respect in the work place which you can download from our patient information collateral page.

Download hygiene signs for the doors

As we continue to see reduced numbers of visitors to our sites and restrictions on where they can enter, we also need to keep reminding ourselves of some of the best and most simple ways to reduce the spread of the virus, particularly as they affect our most vulnerable patients.

More often now you will see the ward doors closed for wards with immune-compromised patients.

Some areas have been utilising the posters developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, which remind us and our visitors and consumers that there are straightforward hygiene measures to slow the spread.

We encourage you to download and print the most appropriate and up to date posters for your area, which can all be accessed on the resources section of the Monash Health COVID-19 website for employees.

Lift limits – physical distancing

We have a template which is available so all of our lifts will now have a specific limit in place in terms of how many people can ride at one time, whilst also maintaining the physical distancing requirements of 1.5 metres between people. Download the template from our patient information collateral page.


Authorised by David Bloxham, Director Public Affairs and Communication
Signed off by HICT 12 April 2020

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