Message from the Monash Health Board

On behalf of the Monash Health Board, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to every one of our dedicated Monash Health employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has created considerable uncertainty and unprecedented action on a global scale. Entire communities have been asked to distance themselves from each other and from their everyday activities to ‘flatten the curve’. In this climate, what was asked of you, however, was to prepare us to stay ahead of the curve.  

You have risen to the unique challenges of this time and worked with determination and agility to ensure that safe, high-quality care continues for all our patients. Changes that would typically be asked of you over months or years have been implemented in days and weeks. Despite this, across every level of the organisation and in every department, teamwork, compassion, and kindness continue unabated. This is characteristic of your dedication to your patients, to each other, and your community; to pursue excellence in healthcare, always. It is thanks to every one of your efforts that we are in this position of preparedness. 

We also appreciate that during a challenging time, work may feel all-consuming; I would urge you not to forget your needs and take care of yourself. We have a way to go yet, and we could not do this without you. Please ensure you are familiar with the resources and services available to you here:

While restrictions are now being gradually eased, the virus has not gone away and the scale in which this pandemic will impact our health service remains to be seen. However, your ‘can do’ approach of preparing for every eventuality gives me great confidence that when this challenging period is behind us, we can all look back on this time with pride. Our community will look to us to help guide them through this period of unknowns, and we are confident you will assist them with your care, expertise, and dedication throughout.   

Sincerely and with gratitude, 

Dipak Sanghvi – Board Chair, Monash Health

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