When the time is right, help is available to support your safe return to work

New guides and checklists to help employees safely return to work are now available on our intranet and coronavirus website.

We know employees across the health service will return at different times and rates, depending on their type of work and the planned reactivation of our services.

Our message remains that to help protect those who must work on-site, you should continue to work from home if you can, at least until 31 July. The guides and checklists will help keep you safe when you do return.

Following presentations at the manager and employee Webex forums this week, guides for both managers and employees are available for download.
The materials are based on five core principles to govern the return to work for non-clinical and non-patient-facing employees:

  1. If you are unwell, stay home
  2. If you can work from home, you should
  3. 1.5m separation and one person per 4m2
  4. Rigorous hand and personal hygiene
  5. Regular cleaning of high touch surfaces.

The downloadable materials include:

Even if you are intermittently visiting the office, this is vital information to help keep you and your colleagues safe. Please take the time to read these materials and have them available for quick reference.

Approved by Karen Lowe 

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