STAR winners recognised

At Thursday’s Webex Employee Forum we began announcing winners of our Say Thanks and Recognise (STAR) awards for the first half of this year.

Chief Executive Andrew Stripp did live crosses throughout the forum to interview the winners. He noted: “It is always important to stop and acknowledge the work you are doing.” “thank you to those who nominated, and congratulations to all the winners.”

Category 1 – Exceptional Teamwork

Support Services: Barney Matthews, Imran Hanif, Leanne Ross and Sarah Wipfli 

Image of Support Services staff Barney Matthews, Imran Hanif, Leanne Ross and Sarah Wipfli

Leanne, Imran, Barney and Sarah – also known by their colleagues in Support Services as the ‘Awesome Foursome’ – are responsible for the provision of support services across all Monash Health campuses.

During recent months, with the significantly increased demands of COVID-19, they have worked hard and fast to ensure their teams felt supported and continued to deliver with an unrelenting focus on exceptional care in everything they do. They have worked to ensure individual needs were met with compassion and empathy, whilst showcasing a consistent and steady leadership style.

They have rolled their sleeves up when required and not asked their team to do anything that they wouldn’t do themselves.

Here are just a few of their achievements over this period:

  • Provision of 50,000 meals to a statewide food bank, while ensuring all Monash Health patients and external customers still had a very reliable food supply.
  • Partnered with DHHS and Health Purchasing Victoria to develop a statewide food services plan to ensure all public and private hospital patients, aged care residents, meals on wheels and home care residents, could be fed in the event of major preparation kitchens becoming unavailable.
  • Coordinated in excess of 3,500 hours of additional cleaning per week
  • Rolled out an entire interim system for clinical cleaning during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Set up additional clinical waste services for new sites and those with increasing demand for clinical waste services
  • Worked closely with Procurement to ensure the availability of essential supplies (toilet paper, paper hand towel, hand sanitiser)
  • Continued to ensure the day-to-day operational services were maintained during this time.

Monash Children’s Forest Ward 

Monash Children’s Forest Ward team

The team at Monash Children’s Hospital Forest Paediatric Surgical ward remained professional, adaptable and resourceful when asked to close their ward and repurpose it to an adult COVID Positive Unit.

The Nurse Manager was informed at midday and immediately told the team that 16 of the 32 beds would relocate to another paediatric ward and would run reduced beds. A plan was made to open additional beds on a separate floor as required, which meant the one unit would now run as two separate units.

The team responded in a positive, prompt, flexible and professional manner and remained focused on the broader organisational and community needs. Within hours they had developed a comprehensive plan, commenced relocating furniture, equipment and consumables ready to operationalise the new unit, and spent significant time talking to families and children with regards to the relocation.

Within 48 hours, a 32-bed unit was completely emptied and relocated. Key patients were transferred in a safe, reassuring and considered manner. The process was seamless as the team rallied and executed the move. Their can-do attitude and commitment illustrate the high performing team of Forest Ward.

Category 2 – Outstanding Care or Service Delivery

Nicole Bate (Telehealth Coordinator)  

Image of Nicole Bate, Telehealth Coordinator

Nicole has been in the role of the Monash Children’s Hospital Telehealth coordinator since 2014. Throughout her time in this role, she has developed extensive relationships with telehealth leaders and key stakeholders throughout Australia and internationally, and earlier this year completed her Masters in Digital Healthcare.

The COVID-19 pandemic required quick and decisive action in many aspects of the way we provide excellent care, and Nicole did not hesitate to step up and assist. In response to the rapidly increasing Telehealth service, employees were redeployed to assist in this area. Nicole was able to provide thorough training while juggling her own significantly increased workload. Throughout this Nicole’s scope also widened to include both adult and paediatric services. Despite the workload and pressure, Nicole’s kind, supportive and friendly approach never wavered, creating a productive and supportive work environment for the whole team.

Noel Silsbury (Security Services) 

Image of Noel Silsbury, Security Services

Noel is a security guard who has been working within the Acute Adult Mental Health Ward, P-Block. The team at P-Block ward say Noel’s presence helps keep their team feeling safe, and our patients feeling cared for.

Noel builds relationships with patients from the moment they arrive on the ward. He steps in to support patients who are feeling unheard, distressed or misunderstood, by listening to them and treating them with respect and compassion. During situations of crisis, Noel is more likely to de-escalate patients’ behaviour just with his presence, as patients know that they can trust him.

Noel’s contribution has flow-on effects and always improves the team at P-Blocks morale.

Further award winners will be announced at the coming Thursday Employee Forums. Don’t forget STAR awards are open for nominations year-round, so when you are impressed by something a member of your team has done, then make sure we hear about it too.

Approved by Karen Lowe, 7 August 2020

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